The color of the cement depends on the raw materials used to manufacture it. If the raw materials contain more iron the resulting cement will be darker. Colour has no significance on any properties of the cement. The strength of the cement is dependent only on the proportion of raw materials in the mix.

OPC vs. Blended Cements

Blended cements (PPC & PSC) are  better cements when compared to OPC cements with respect to DURABILITY OF CONCRETE STRUCTURES. They can be used for all normal construction purposes.  Blended cements have certain added features that aid in the durability and longer life of concrete structures.

Advantage of blended cements:

  • Continuous increase in strength with time
  • Increased resistance against sulphate attack
  • Improved workability
  • Better cohesiveness of fresh concrete
  • Reduced heat of hydration and thermal cracking
  • Reduced corrosion of concrete
  • Better water tightness
  • Reduced Alkali – Silica reaction
  • Better resistance to mild acidic water and aggressive environment
  • Low drying shrinkage
  • Environment friendly

High Early strengths cements have more heat of hydration which affects the concrete quality in the long run unless adequate initial curing procedures  is not done at site. Use of Blended cements leads to reduced heat of hydration and hence less micro-cracks if not cured properly during initial stages. Hence use of Blended cements improves durability of the concrete structure.