At Penna, we firmly believe that Sustainability is one of the most powerful answers to the challenges being faced by our society today. We believe that a robust financial performance serves as more than just profit. It allows us to make investments that continue responsible and safe operations, impart more skill-sets in our employees, and help us enrich the communities we work and live in.

We believe in caring and nurturing the environment and the community. We work collectively and individually towards a sustainable and green environment.

Our Responsibility

We believe that our responsibility is to positively impact the society and make it a better place to live in.
We believe that even small improvements add up in building a better world. We endeavour towards imparting the basics of livelihood to our villages and the community – food, water, shelter and education. We are proud of the fact that we have been able to significantly increase the quality of lives in all the villages surrounding our plants.

We continuously undertake health camps to improve the lives of the villagers. We are actively involved in the improvement of roads and other infrastructure. We have provided free education and vocational training to thousands of kids since our inception.

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Our Passion

We are extremely passionate about conserving the environment, and we believe in giving back to Mother Nature which provides us with all the natural resources. It’s reflected in our various contributions and initiatives towards a healthier and cleaner environment.
To protect, nurture and flourish the environment is one of the core values of our company.

In our quest towards conserving our environment, we have adopted the latest technologies to ensure the reduction in CO2 emissions, we have set up water treatment plants at all our works, and we have pioneered the use of various kinds of fuels to substitute Coal for our energy needs. This practice of continuous improvement is ingrained in our operations from the time of our inception.


We believe in the mantra of empowerment of women, children and the youth in the villages to enable them to have positive control over their lives and destiny.
Self-help groups are involved in empowering women, both economically and socially. The empowerment of women through these SHGs has not only been beneficial to individual women but also for the family and community as a whole through this collective action for development. Our SHGs regularly undertake various workshops & training programmes for

(a) Building an awareness of womens’ legal rights
(b) Developing leadership skills
(c) Supporting each other in domestic violence issues
(d) Strengthening their emotional well-being.

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